Healed People Heal People (w/ Patti Grace)

Patti Grace continues discussing how to heal the un-healed hurts of your past, so that you can find and fulfill the purpose God has for you.

Here’s why this matters:

👉 in Christ, your salvation is secure. You’ll go to Heaven.

👉 your experience of life now— on the way to Heaven— can differ dramatically, depending on our capacity to lean into the Spirit rather than anchoring to the past hurts of the soul.

Patti explains two more important facets of the Issue-Focused Prayer Ministry process here (in the previous episode she talked about the sins of the fathers, as well as ungodly beliefs):

💔 Soul-Spirit Hurts

💔 Oppression

Here are a few things we know—

First, when God reveals an “issue” to us, He highlights it because we’re ready (and He’s provided the tools we need) to heal it. He doesn’t show us the problem areas in order to squelch us; He reveals them to us so that we might access another level of freedom and wholeness.

Second, God does most of His work through people. Sure, He can “make things happen on His own,” but from the beginning of time He’s primarily worked through people. So, He connects us to others in the body of Christ who can help us…

Third, your story of healing often becomes the roadmap for others. You learn, as Paul did, to “comfort others with the same comfort you’ve received” (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). Many of the people who serve in the prayer ministry at Transformation have been THROUGH the prayer ministry themselves— as recipients.

So, I asked Patti to provide us with instructions on two things:

⭐️ how to receive prayer ministry

⭐️ how to get trained to do prayer ministry



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