Prayer Ministry and Inner Healing / Deliverance sessions are one of our most-intensive mainstay offerings.

Offering a uniquely integrated approach to spirit, soul, and body, these three-hour ministry sessions help you identify the "roots" so that the "bad fruits" stop perpetually returning.

We call this approach Issue-Focused Ministry (IFM), as we  don't focus on behaviors, we go after root causes so the healing you experience lasts long-term.

Though our counseling is free, there is a fee for this service.

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Three Formats

Whether you want help us an individual (for one issue that's hanging you up or more) or as a couple, we're here to help.

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Who It's For

Issue-Focused Ministry can help everyone experience freedom. We regularly host specific opportunities-- by appointment-- for the following.

It’s easy to look at our “broken places,” compare those parts to where we want to be (as well as what we see in others) and then feel desperate, hopeless, like we won’t be mended, whole, healthy.

Especially when we've struggled to find victory over the same issues repeatedly.

We tend to (internally) look down on ourselves when we see others. It’s a cycle.

When we look at things from our perspective, somebody always wins and somebody loses. Depending on which side we’re playing (hero or victim), we compare our highs to their lows or their lows to others' highs.

But from above…

From the Kingdom’s perspective…

We’re all “just” sons and daughters of a gracious king.

A king who loves us, who’s gifted us and has ordained for us to be here, together, in this moment, to carry one another. The good, the bad, the ugly… the all…

A king who provides hope and healing…

... who most often His sons and daughters to impart that hope and healing to His other sons and daughters.

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