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Giving Tuesday

In this special bonus episode of the Tribe Talk podcast, we discuss Giving Tuesday.

What is it?


🦃 Thanksgiving Thursday is the day we gather with friends & family to celebrate.

🤑 Black Friday is the day we go shopping, loading up for Christmas.

🛍 Small Business Saturday is the day we support local business— “ma and pa” shoppes, as well as the enterprises of our friends and co-workers

⛪️ Sunday we go to church.

🤖 Cyber Monday is the day everyone buys stuff online…


🎁 Giving Tuesday is when we remember non-profit ministries and charitable organizations, supporting causes we believe in.

That’s a lot of 💰💰💰 going out in just a few days…

But, since it’s what we do, we decided to get in on the action 😂.

When we sat to record a few episodes of the podcast, we decided to create a short intro, and then roll into the footage from Rock’s video year-end review.

Listen in.

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And, yes, we’re grateful for any 💸 you want to send our way.