There’s So Much More (w/ Jeff Dolce)

Jeff and I began talking about emotional health— and how it’s not a “yes” or “no” / healthy or unhealthy thing…

… but, rather, how we can be on a “sliding scale,” that is, we don’t want to just walk out of “bad health” and get back to neutral. Rather, we want to walk into the abundance Jesus provides— even in the area of soul wholeness.


As Jeff explained that God truly want to work in EVERY area of our lives— and that whereas the thief came to steal and kill and destroy BUT Jesus came to bring life (John 10:10), I asked him to trace parts of His story where He saw God moving… moving him from a place of “neutral” and into abundance.

That led to a discussion about Hope Filled Rooms, a ministry Jeff tag-teamed with others from a prayer ministry to create in the heart of Woodlawn.


In his story, we see Jesus weaving together….

⭐️ a man who once suffered from an orphan heart now taking the heart of the father to others

⭐️ a man who has the highest degree of training possible in his field of expertise being used by God to serve the people who need those skills the most but can never financially afford it

⭐️ a man who one lived with a performance mentality, thinking he had to achieve it all on his own, watch Jesus bring the resources required to serve others at just the right time, precisely when they’re needed.


Furthermore, this story can be my story— and your story. Jesus doesn’t run out of resources— and His “bank account” isn’t diminished in the least when good things flow in another direction.

His storehouses, though He continues pouring from them, remain full.



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