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Rebels and Rule-Keepers Both Need Jesus (w/ Jeff Dolce)

Dr. Jeff Dolce reminds me of King David— who led with skill and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit (Psalm 78:72), such that both were important.

Full disclosure: I met Jeff several years ago, when I was walking through a tough season of life. I went to him for a psych eval, to see if there was anything I needed to address on a deeper / soul level…

I was astounded by the depth of man I met.

A PhD by trade, and a worshipper / prayer-warrior by choice (and calling), Jeff is a unique blend and shows how God truly synthesizes every facet of our lives to transform us into who He’s fore-ordained us to be (see Ephesians 2:8-10).


In this episode of Tribe Talk, Jeff shares his story— personally and professionally. He talks about living “both sides” of the prodigal son(s) story— first as the rebellious son and THEN as the older brother who tried to prove his worth by hustling in the field.

Both needed grace.

Both needed to step into the Father’s house.


Jesus told that story to religious elitists who assumed they were IN and others were OUT, and that Jesus had missed it by seeking those who had been deemed “out.”

Look at it.

Jesus called both rebels and rule-keepers to abandon their lesser identities and embrace their roles as sons & daughters of the king. When they experience the lavish love of their Father, the natural response is to overflow that connection to others.


It’s easy to believe that God won’t accept us because of our past (even recent past mistakes). Or that He owes us because we’re been “so good.”

But our connection with the Father isn’t based on performance, bad or good.

It’s based on the truth that we are— and always have been— His.





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