Sin & Self Righteousness Are Similar

Sin and Self-righteousness are similar. Sure, they look very different on the surface, but in the end they BOTH—

💔 rely on our own efforts rather than God’s

💔 keep us from experiencing everything Jesus came to offer us

In this episode we talk about three roads we all travel. The first, the worldly road, is laced with sin. The second, the religious road, is layered with “good deeds.”

Both of these, however, keep us from the full experience of the Agape Road, that sweet spot where we find ultimate fulfillment, a sense of ease, and rest…

Here’s the overview…

Road #1 = The worldly road

Live for self, try everything, go for pleasure and focus on what’s in it for me.

👉 Rebellion = sin and self, pleasure

Outcome = we do the work, we don't experience the fullness of the Spirit


Road #2 = The religious road

Learn the rules and regulations, become a modern-day Pharisee. Be sure to “do it right,” as well as make sure everyone else does.

Make yourself look good, while performing well for God and others.

(Note: look back at the talk on the room of grace vs. room of good intentions.)

👉 Religion = self-righteousness, performance

Outcome = we STILL do the work, we don't experience the fullness of the Spirit

Road #3 = The agape road

This is what we were designed to receive and to give…

… to be fully loved, and to fully love others…

Requires two things:

✅ Trust— you can’t have intimacy without it

✅ Vulnerability — it won’t work unless you’re willing to expose yourself, fully, to another

👉 Real = savior, peace

Outcome = intimacy & reflecting the heart of God


This talk is based on lesson 1 in The Inner Healing course. Go to for more info.

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