How to Read the Bible Like Jesus Read It (w/ Rabbi Jeff Friedlander)

Turns out, the Gospel appears in the very first verse of the entire Bible. I never noticed it before— until talking to Rabbi Jeff Friedlander. And, though it takes us a full 30-minutes into the podcast to get to it (and it doesn’t even come up until I put him on the spot and ask him to quote the first lines of the Bible in the original Hebrew), we get there…


For the first part of the show, we talk about Jeff’s story. Turns out, he wasn’t always a rabbi. In fact, he went to the Master’s Commission (an Assemblies of God training program for ministers), served in several churches bi-vocationally, and worked in the business world to support his family.

In his own words, “We experienced seasons of highs followed by lows. We couldn’t quite get things to last.”

He tells of a moment in prayer when the Lord told him, “You can keep going around this mountain as long as many times as you want…”


He knew in his heart that the Lord had called him to dedicate his life to full-time ministry.

Then the plank got cut off from under him when he got fired. That was his sink or swim moment.

His wife, Sherri, rather than feeling overwhelmed or anxious, greeted him with the words, “Finally…”

She knew what the Lord had been telling him. It was (long past) time.


In this episode of Tribe Talk, you’ll learn:

⭐️ How he became a rabbi

⭐️ How Jeff and Sherri originally connected with the Tribe at Transformation Ministries

⭐️ How they birthed the Hebraic Institute

⭐️ Why understand the beginnings of our faith story and the Jewish roots even matter




Learn more about the Hebrew Institute at Transformation Ministries: 

See Jeff’s website, Be One Ministries: