Day 368 Sober

There’s power in your story. In fact, Revelation 12:11 declares that we overcome by two things:

✅ the blood of Jesus

✅ the word of our testimony

That is, the past work of Jesus provides everything we need, and the present declaration of what He is doing builds faith to receive it…


People in “Bible times” believed that the telling of the story of something profound God had done carried the same power that was present in the original event. This is why they retold the stories of the Exodus and the Passover and so many other things God did for them.

You’ve seen this happened, perhaps.

Someone in a small group or a church meeting tells of a physical healing, a financial breakthrough, or a relational restoration…

… and you instantly sense real faith arising.


In this tribe talk we look at Rock’s story— specifically his first 368 days sober. And, we discover how God healed his chemical addiction, then took him through a year long bout in which he battled for his marriage.

Listen in.

This one is real. It’s raw. And… if you need a breakthrough in any area of life— particularly a relationship— it’s completely relevant.



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