The Transformation Path is your way forward.

  • Four core values outline what we do 
  • Three programs explain how we do it
What we do = four core values
How we do it = three programs

Four core values outline what we do

Encounter + Experience + Equip + Empower

First, we value everyone encountering the presence of God in a powerful way. 

In the same way Saul's encounter with the Lord on the Road to Damascus marked him (see Acts 9:1-9), we desire for everyone to meet the Lord in such a way that things are radically different "after" the meeting than before.

Second, we desire for each person to enjoy an ongoing experience of the supernatural everywhere they go, in everyday life. 

The Pharisees (wrongly) thought they understood God because they had access to the written words of God (John 5:39-40). 

We feel the words of God are words are life, but we also believe that Jesus came to be experienced-- not just explained. 

Third, we endeavor to equip each person with tools and training they can use to help others discover wholeness and healing-- body, soul, and spirit. 

We believe part of our role is to "equip the saints for the work of ministry" (see Ephesians 4:11-12), so that can-- together-- grow up into the full measure of Christ.

And we believe some of the best healing comes in helping others!

Fourth, finally, we empower you to serve-- and release you to go back to your church and other spheres of influence.

We believe the Kingdom of God transcends the artificial bounds we so often place upon churches and denominations and even geographic regions. 

We labor to help others find the path God fore-ordained for them before time began, so that they might fulfill the great work He's called them to (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Three programs explain how we do it

We provide counseling, issue-focused prayer ministry, and a ministry school

Individual & Family Counseling
School of Ministry
Prayer Ministry