School 1: The Core Four (Inner Healing)


Four four-part courses comprise theĀ InnerĀ Healing School

  1. Inner Healing =Ā Live from theĀ inside-out / experience soulĀ wholeness + spiritual vitalityĀ 
  2. Liberty = Walk in freedom, buildĀ upon part 1 and freedom becomes a way of life
  3. Spiritual Warfare = Move in supernatural power +Ā discover the gift(s) of the Holy SpiritĀ 
  4. High PlacesĀ = Live from the overflow, get equipped to help others find +Ā maintain freedom
1. Inner Healing
2. Liberty
3. Spiritual Warfare
4. High Places

To learn more about the first phase of the framework, click below. 

1 = Inner Healing