Take courses from three schools, all designed to...

⭐️ Encounter = sense God's presence + power in a way that marks you

⭐️ Experience = see God working through you each day, everywhere you go

⭐️ Equip = receive the tools + training you need to find & fulfill your purpose

⭐️ Empower = launch you to fulfill the plans God has for you

Track 1: Inner Healing

The Inner Healing track is the core of Transformation's School of Ministry. 

We believe that when people invite Christ into their lives, He does a radical work of forgiveness and completely renews their Spirit. However, many people still have the old hurts, habits, and hang-ups to deal with. 

This track 1) empowers you to heal, as well as 2) equips you with a set of tools to encourage others in their healing process.

See the 4-part framework

School 2: Hebraic Institute

The Hebraic Institute explores the Jewish roots of our faith-- and sees the entire Biblical narrative as one continuous story of God's redemption.

Take courses on the roots of our faith, or learn the Hebrew language-- the same words Jesus read from the Scriptures He studied.

Explore the Hebraic Institute

School 3: Discipleship

The School of Discipleship empowers you to continue the journey of transformation. 

Discover your purpose, unlock the gifts and hidden potential inside of you, and determine-- and then explore-- the assignment God developed for you before time began (see Ephesians 2:8-10).

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