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Can’t walk in freedom if you’ve still got unhealed hurts

It's impossible for the people you are discipling to move forward if they're still anchored in past hurts…

Many Christians have had a real encounter with the Lord.

They believe the Bible, and know they're destined for Heaven.

Yet the hurts, habits, and hang-ups from the past seem to hold the back from experiencing all Jesus has for them in the present.

Unshackled takes you on a journey of discovery where you will encounter the Lord and let Him unshackle you from the prison of your past mistakes.

Then, Christians can truly receive the benefits of discipleship and reap the rewards of a transformed life.



Unshackled is a 12-week study designed to empower you to walk out of the prison of past hurts and into your full potential of experiencing all of God’s promises.

Learn more at www.TRMinistries.org/unshackled  

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