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It’s not all “black and white”— sometimes we find God in the shades of grey

holding onto hope

We’d like to think God “works” like an algebra equation— or that He fits into a tidy box— but He doesn’t. On either count.

Dr. Doug Moore is a family doctor who’s served people in the Birmingham area for decades. Part physical and part pastor, he found himself walking with people through their joys and their burdens alike.

And, he found that most of the time, the greatest need— and opportunity for connection— is found in the “lows” and not the “highs.”


Doug says that many of the lessons he learned from a Judeo-Christian background didn’t mesh with people’s practical experience of hardships and pain. We were often taught that God doesn’t put us in situations that are “more than we can handle.”

But, that passage isn’t in the Bible.

And, God actually DOES give us more than we can handle— because it’s when we’re weak that He becomes strong (2 Corinthians 2:10).


There are numerous lessons like this…

Moreover, some of the most powerful lessons we’ll learn come— as they did for Job— when we walk through the unexplainable situations, hand-in-hand with God. We see facets of Him we didn’t yet know about, we’re find our faith strengthened, and we emerge deeper than we were before.


Doug Moore leads the School of Discipleship in the Transformation School of Ministry. Learn more about the school at www.TRMinistries.org/school 

Learn more about the School of Discipleship at www.trministries.org/discipleship 

Or register for Doug’s course, Holding Onto Hope, at www.TRMinistries.org/locations — and choose the location most convenient for you.

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