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We Saw We Could Trust God to Meet Our Daily Needs


Christa tells the story about her most painful memory— and how she used some of the tools she learned in class at the Transformation School of Ministry to lead her children.

A few years ago, her husband died. 

This led to common questions— things we would all wonder: 

  • Where was God? 
  • Why did He allow this to happen? 
  • Was this really part of His plan?


Hope for the past

One of her sons, she says, initially thought God had abandoned them. But, when they stepped back and asked Jesus to come into the memory, they discovered that during that time Jesus was there all along.

Furthermore, He could still be trusted. 

Even if things in life don’t turn out the way we hope, God still has a purpose.


Hope for the present

She led her family to another step.

She asked, “What would it look like for us to trust God in the present?”

This led them to take simple actions— things we might take for granted. Like buying cereal. Or milk.

They took their concerns before the Lord— who, as He promises, always answers.



The lesson Christa refers to is module 10 of Part 2 in the Transformation School of Ministry (Course = Liberty, Module = Presenting Jesus and The Four Doors)

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