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Discover hope + find healing from the hurts of the past, so you can experience everything Jesus has accomplished for you


Many Christians have had a real encounter with the Lord. 

They believe the Bible, and know they're destined for Heaven.

Yet the hurts, habits, and hang-ups from the past seem to hold them back from experiencing all Jesus has for them in the present. 

Unshackled is your path to encounter healing right here, right now.

Available as a workbook, a video course, a leader guide, and more.

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Here's what you'll learn in this 12-lesson study

Lesson 1: Can God Really Love Me? 

In the first lesson our goal is to introduce a person to a deeper relationship with Father God, to understand what God’s agape love really looks like, and to paint a picture of what it means to abide in Christ. 

  • Do you know the difference from agape love and eros love?  
  • Can you identify any of the seven giants that may be blocking you from walking up that road to intimacy with God? 

After this lesson, you'll know!

Lesson 2: Why Do I Feel Stuck? 

When we discover the Room of Grace, we realize we actually ARE who God says we ARE— not who the world says we are, or who our parents say we are, or who our spouse says we are. 

(And, we discover that we won't need to "clean up" or "fix" ourselves before we approach Him. He wants to help us handle all the things we use as reasons not to approach Him in the first place!)

When this shift happens we find His Promise…. the promise of His Rest! 

  • We stop striving
  • We position ourselves to receive

Lesson 3: Christianity is too hard + Lesson 4: Forgiving When it Hurts

The whole idea that sins committed against me may cause me to have judgments and unforgiveness still buried in my heart, is something that most people get! 

We’ve all be there.

Unresolved hurts can block the flow of the River of Life. So, we want to remove those boulders and truly experience everything God wants to send our way.

Forgiveness, though sometimes difficult, is the key to inner healing. By its very definition, forgiveness implies that a wrong happened. In other words, hurt and loss and damage were done.

Many people get confused about forgiveness because they rely on how they feel about the person they need to forgive.

Lesson 5: Parents— Say What?

This is one of the most important— and overlooked— concepts of walking in freedom. And, at first glance, it may seem this lesson doesn't fit!

Here, we explore the importance of the 5th Commandment and the spiritual principle of honoring our parents…

Our culture has falsely tried to totally warp the entire structure and belief system of the family unit. In fact, it has tried to take God’s principles totally out of all relationships— beginning with the family.

How do we dishonor them and what are the consequences of dishonoring our parents?

You'll learn how honor begins at home (regardless of your age), and it sets the tone for every area of life!

Lesson 6: Faith vs Trust + Lesson 7: The Walls We Build

Faith and trust, though related, are different.

  • Faith comes from experiencing God in your life. It becomes the light of your hope that comes from “look back” where God was faithful in your past experiences.
  • But TRUST is required when all the facts of the circumstances say there is no hope. When the light of your faith can’t convince your mind and heart that there is a solution. 

To take that step you will need to learn to trust God not just have faith that he is there. And this happens best when we accept the fact that He's (already, totally) accepted us!

Lesson 8: Please Don’t Leave Me

Most people have experienced the devastating effects of abandonment. If you’ve been through a break-up, a divorce, a severed relationship… you’re not alone. 

Abandonment attacks our spiritman through issues of identity. As abandonment events happen early in our life, we begin to believe false identities about ourselves that family members, friends or authorities have told us.

We begin to believe that what THEY said about us— or how they acted to us— is the complete truth.

Often, abandonment becomes the doorway through which shame, fear and control also begin to attack us. 

The good news, though, is that we can find healing and learn to walk in true intimacy— even if relationships haven’t “worked” for us in the past.

Lesson 9: Work Harder = Loved More?

The world operates on a performance mentality— you are what you produce. 

It’s easy for us to carry the same mindset into our faith. This performance orientation—or it may be called "works motives”— is such a common belief system that the enemy uses to keep men and women disconnected from the Father in Heaven. 

This mindset creates the inability for a person to truly believe that God loves them unless they work for it. 

As a result, we seek to earn the Father's love rather than simply receiving it by and through His grace. 

And, when He blesses us, often we presume that it’s because we’ve done a good job. Now, we’re “bless-able.”

(When calamity comes, we presume it’s because we’re being punished. 

There’s a better way.

Lesson 10: I’m Fine

Everyone experiences denial in their lives at some point, but it's when we choose to live in denial that it can become a stronghold in our life. Ultimately, strongholds keep us from feeling totally connected with Father God. 

One teacher describes denial like this: "When you bury something, all you are really doing is burying it alive."

Throughout the bible, we have seen that there are consequences to living in denial-- instead of walking in reality.

You can’t heal a hurt you won’t acknowledge, but that unresolved hurt can— and will— continue to work against you.

Many times, Christians are willing to let Jesus take most the boulders out of their river of life... except just one or two things they continue to overlook (read: denial).

Lesson 11: Locked in Negativity 

Throughout Unshackled, we discuss three core principles— 

  • The 5th commandment of honoring our parents (see lesson 5)
  • Judge not lest you be judged (see lessons 3 and 4), for the very thing you judge against will come against you
  • The principle of sowing and reaping (you always reap what you sow, more than you sow, after you sow)

The enemy uses negative mindsets to keep you prisoner to a “bad outcome” belief-expectation cycle. Judgments and false expectations are so intertwined with the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

If we’re locked in negativity— and begin sowing negativity with our thoughts, we’ll create patterns whereby we live. And we’ll reap negativity in our lives. 

Lesson 12: Soul Ties

God places great value and attention on covenant relationships. 

We began in the first lesson talking about the road to intimacy with the Father and how relationships— based on agape love— truly matter. 

Here, we end our study with breaking free from past relationships that can keep us from finding not only the road to intimacy with the Father in Heaven, but intimacy with our spouse.

Soul ties occur when we attach our hearts— for good or bad reasons— to persons, places, or things. God wants our hearts to be attached to HIs AND to the right relationships (particularly our spouse’s).

So, we want to break unhealthy attachments so we don’t dilute the right attachments. This empowers us to experience freedom for ourselves as well as with the people closest to us!

The Vitals on Unshackled

  • Twelve lessons
  • Designed for use as a group study
  • Available on video, so you can watch and learn together
  • Leader resources available 
  • Leader access to Transformation Ministries staff for ongoing support, as needed
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