Sometimes, you must allow grown children to pursue their own path

In the previous episode of Tribe Talk we discussed the (sometimes awkward) transition from parenting “children” to mothering and fathering “adults” who still live in your home— and come back. Particularly when they diverge from you in terms of spiritual beliefs and practices.

Rock said it well— “Sometimes, you must allow them to pursue their own path.”

But, he also reminded us that “even though you can’t control them, you do control the castle. And that means you CAN set the guidelines as to what’s allowed— and not allowed— in your home.”


He left us with an interesting observation— Pain often plants the flag of reality into the heart of rebellion.

Or, to say it another way— sometimes you MUST allow them to experience the ramifications of their decisions. Even if it hurts.

Easier said than done, for sure.


In this episode we outline the first 3 of 6 principles you can use to help you navigate the terrain.

They are—

Live guilt free. Don’t blame yourself for what they’re choosing.

Be willing to ask for forgiveness. At the same time as you live without guilt over the past, ALSO be willing to admit that you haven’t been perfect.

Learn to love unconditionally— as God does, without strings attached.

Note: this doesn’t infer that “anything goes” or that you must embrace their decisions. However, you must accept them…

Listen in…

Especially if you— or someone you know— is wrestling with what to do with adult “children” who’ve chosen a different path.


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