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The Long Way Still Gets You There (w/ Lauren Taylor)

Transformation Ministries does three things:

👉 Individual and Family Counseling

👉 Issue-Focused Prayer Ministry

👉 School of Ministry


In this episode of Tribe Talk, we discuss the first--- and talk to Lauren Taylor, who recently joined the Transformation staff in this area.

Lauren tells the story of “how she got here,” which takes us back a few decades to college. She learned about counseling when she majored in it AND received her master’s degree.


But that was “secular” counseling, where she learned all the theories and perspectives which are pervasive in that field.

She took what seemed a like a few detours, then learned about Biblical counseling when a church she attended hosted a training event. She saw, even then, that the Lord HAD called her and was weaving her story together…


And then she learned about the role of the Holy Spirit, thereby adding another element to the resources God provided for her to use.

Now she had:

✅ Training and theory and a basis of what the experts said

✅ A Biblical grid to add as a better layer whereby to serve others

✅ The empowerment of the Holy Spirt


We talk about the role Biblical counseling plays, as well as how Transformation utilizes counseling as a tool to help people heal and then move forward to their next best step.

You’ll hear about the kinds of issues Transformation has expertise in, as well as why it might help you or someone you know.



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