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It's impossible for the people you are discipling to move forward if they're still anchored in past hurts.


Many Christians have had a real encounter with the Lord. 

They believe the Bible, and know they're destined for Heaven.

Yet the hurts, habits, and hang-ups from the past seem to hold the back from experiencing all Jesus has for them in the present. 

Unshackled takes you on a journey of discovery where you will encounter the Lord and let Him unshackle you from the prison of your past mistakes.

Then, Christians can truly receive the benefits of discipleship and reap the rewards of a transformed life.

Curriculum includes a participant workbook, 12 video lessons, a leader guide, and more.

About Unshackled
Common Questions
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Leader Tutorials
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The Vitals on Unshackled

  • Twelve lessons
  • Designed for use as a group study
  • 12 video lessons, so groups can watch and learn together
  • Leader resources available, including a leader guide and leader-only videos
  • Leader access to the Transformation Ministries staff for ongoing support, as needed
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What this pastor saw from the test group

"I participated in the small group for myself and immediately I began seeing the fruit it was bearing in the participants from my church. It's impossible to move forward when you're clinging to the past-- whether intentionally or unintentionally."

Pastor Bruce Terry (Liberty Church, Birmingham, AL) uses the resources to help lead his church members away from the prison of past hurts, so they're free to find and fulfill the purpose God has for them. 


Common Questions

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Sample: Lesson 7, The Walls We Build

Each of the 12 lessons includes a video to accompany the small group curriculum.

Download PDF of Lesson 7

Leader Guide

Succinct leader tutorials highlight the emphasis of each lesson, so your leaders know how to navigate participants towards healing and transformation.


Leader Guide resources include: 

  • One video per lesson to highlight the unique emphasis of that chapter 
  • Written descriptions to empower leaders to shepherd participants towards forgiveness and healing
  • Access to other leaders through the online dashboard-- ask questions + see how others use the curriculum
  • Access to Transformation Ministries team members to help you implement Unshackled
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Implementing Unshackled

9 Ways to Use the Small Group Curriculum

Transform the Culture of Your Church or Ministry

  • Next step after your new members class
  • Core course in your small group menu
  • The next option for your book club
  • Team-building journey to take with your staff
  • Discipleship course offered as on ongoing opportunity
  • Sunday school course
  • Outreach to a nearby rehabilitation facility, nursing home, or other place you currently volunteer
  • Introduce the people you lead to a new way of understanding inner healing
  • Hold a weekend retreat, share 1-2 lessons, and jump-start a group that meets for the next 8-10 weeks

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  • Complete full-color, paperback Leader Guide
  • Twelve participant lessons with tips for leading your group
  • Leader Guide includes participant workbook with leader resources-- all in the same book.
  • Designed for use as a group study
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